Week 11 Digital Story Telling

My digital storytelling project was about Polio and the vaccinations used to control the disease.  Not many students today have ever seen Polio’s effect first hand, so photos really give students an idea of the crippling effects on the children who are afflicted with the disease.  I used The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization for most of the information I gathered.  The sources of the photos are noted on each one.  You can view my digital story on YouTube at the following link:


The Process

I used Microsoft Word (table) to organize my storyboard, adding and organizing the script and photos I wanted to use. Then, I used a program that came on my computer called Photo Story 3 for Windows.  It was my first time using this program, but it was easy to use.  I had trouble getting the program to recognize my microphone, so I used my iPod and an ap I purchased called Voice Recorder mp3 to record my voice and background music.   I added the recording as a music file to the story and adjusted the transition times to match the recording script.   I used a free music website to find a sad sounding wood flute song, as background music.  Finally, I added the digital story to YouTube (also a first).

It was a great deal of work, but I think it would be a very effective classroom tool.  You could use it as a whole class or at a station.


3 thoughts on “Week 11 Digital Story Telling

  1. mathplourde says:

    Embedded video, for Pinterest’s sake.

  2. Amy,
    Fascinating story and sad pictures. I never saw the devastation of this disease. When I worked for Medical Society in DC one of the doctors in our department was involved with this cure.

  3. williamboyer says:

    Great job on the storybook! I’m certainly glad that we don’t have to worry about that disease anymore!

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