Week 10 Fair Use and Copy Rights

I had been confused over the laws for copyrights and Fair Use. A few years ago, I was showing a video recording of an A&E program about history. As the video began to play a large FBI warning came across the screen that stated that the program was not allowed to be recorded.  Of course there was a student that picked up on that and made a comment.  I wasn’t sure what to say. Now I know that it was legally used because it was only used for educational purposes and considered Fair Use. Realistically, A&E and the FBI would never know about it, because a very small number of students viewed it and I wasn’t making money from it.

More recently, I used a few photos that I found on the Internet to enhance educational websites that I created.  I know now, I should have cited my sources and plan to do that from now on.  This use would be protected, but it would be better to give the credit where it is used.  I understand a little more about the importance of giving  a person’s creative talents acknowledgement.

As far as classrooms and education use goes, everything is open for use as long as you are not making a profit with it.  The laws protect teachers from sharing creative work with students so they can learn about our culture and history, without worrying about getting in trouble.


2 thoughts on “Week 10 Fair Use and Copy Rights

  1. jhill1113 says:

    This issues has been clarified for me as well. Last semester I was going to give a handout to students and I did not because I was unsure. Now I know. I did check with a author on web recently and he said he would be happy if I share his findings with my class and use whatever he published, as long as I site source. If seems that authors are willing to give permission and even include there e-mail with research, etc. on the web. This makes it real easy to contact me…no writing letters and waiting for replys.

  2. williamboyer says:

    I’m now more comfortable with distributing resources to students as well. I’ve been keeping copied documents “sandboxed” in Sakai so that only my students could see them – I’ll likely continue doing that, but I’m more confident that I am not doing anything wrong.

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