Week 9 Part 2 Social Promotion

Social Promotion  s the practice of promoting students to a higher grade level to support social needs, even if they are not making the appropriate academic progress.

This subject has been a topic of many arguments I have heard over the years I have spent working in the field of education.  I am curious to hear what you think about this subject. 

I have seen many students come through the Education System that I work for (detention and mental health facilities) that have been moved into higher grade levels, without learning the academic requirements.  Most of them are at least 2 grade levels behind their peers.  It ‘s very difficult for me to understand how these kids are getting to high school reading at an elementary school level.  Is it because of social promotion? 


 What are we teaching them by allowing them to move forward without achievement?

Will they ever catch up?

What would happen if there were 17 yr olds in middle school?


There are many resources on this topic, I only listed a few:






3 thoughts on “Week 9 Part 2 Social Promotion

  1. I also deal with social promotion in a middle school level where I teach at. I often wonder if they will catch up just like you. Great resources. Thanks for sharing.

  2. patsine says:

    I’ve always believed that we should be grouping kids by accomplishment/attainment, not age, differentiated for different subjects and/or topics. There would be no need for social promotion if kids were learning at their own pace. We would even be able to integrate people who want to return to school. It might even help with the discipline and bullying problems.

  3. williamboyer says:

    Unfortunately, there will always be students who do not see the value of education, and as a result, do not bother learning anything. For those students, k-12 is nothing more than a publicly funded babysitting service. Does it really matter whether the 17 year-old student is technically in 7th grade or 12th when they are not there to learn anyway? I feel sorry for the K-12 teachers who have to deal with this situation!

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