Week 9 Part 1 The New Trends in K-12 Education

There are major changes to K12 Education in Delaware, and many other states, right now.

The Common Core Standards are national standards for education (K-12).  The purpose of adopting these standards is to create a more systematic series of educational requirements for student learning throughout the country.  At this time, 46 states have adopted this group of standards.  To help teachers understand the standards and the progression of the standards, the Delaware Dept. of Education rolled out a website this Oct. for reference (http://www.doe.k12.de.us/commoncore/)  The Delaware DEpt. of Education will also be implementing a major professional development program to training teachers and administrators for the upcoming changes.

The national standardized test in production right now.  This test is a technology based assessment that measures the academic  achievement in areas of Math and Reading.  The test is set to roll-out in time for testing during the 2014-15 School Year.  At this time there are performance tasks and sample questions on the test website for teachers and administrators to see and give feedback on.

The trends that need to take place to ready our students for the new assessments are: increased academic vocabulary, increased text complexity,  and increased synthesis of the information being taught.


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