Week 8- I think I may be turning into an EduPunk too

I am still exploring LMS, but BB is way too expensive to consider for my purposes.  I am attending a meeting about hosting with  Adobe Connect to find out more about it, next week. The reason I started looking at these programs for  training is because many of the teachers I work with are ignoring my weebly site, wiki, Google group and blogs that I created and monitor for the Education Unit.  I created these tools because I get the same questions everyday and each person can build on what they already know and this way there is a central location that staff can find topics to help them with their specific needs when trying to use the technology we have.

I understand the EduPunk viewpoint because people are tired of being charged outrageous prices for the same quality collaboration they can do with free 2.0 Tools.  I do feel comfortable stepping out of the institutionally supported technologies, but I think my colleagues fear it. Many of them ask me questions, like,  “What is a blog?” They just haven’t been exposed to the Web 2.0 Tools and are not happy about the push toward using them in schools. I have not given up on using the blogs, wikis, etc.  but I think if I can reach someone in a different way, that I am not reaching now, it would be good.

The implications of “going Edupunk” with learners is that we are teaching students and teachers how to use technology to communicate, collaborate, and invest in a global community.   The cultural learning, problem solving and communication that takes place online is amazing.  You could not come close to that learning without computers!

I think eventually, costly LMS will go by the wayside and people will just blend it all together as learning.  Even BB seems to be moving in that direction.  The International Society of Technology in Education and other technology education leaders around the world are  supporting the use of open source learning in higher education and K12 classrooms.  The world of education is shifting and becoming better at educating the citizens of our global culture.





2 thoughts on “Week 8- I think I may be turning into an EduPunk too

  1. jhill1113 says:

    I agree, the challenge is to get teachers involved in using social media tools. From this class I have learned that meeting each teacher at their point of need school and how the can use these tools in their personal lives would get them engaged.

  2. williamboyer says:

    Isn’t the “EduPunk” movement about more than just the use of web2.0 tools? Students on a University campus and those in a MOOC could both be using the same web2.0 tools, but only the latter would be considered “Edupunk”, right?

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