Week 4 Aggregation vs Curation /Experiences with Social Media So Far


In the past 4 weeks, I have created accounted on Twitter, Dingo, Word Press, About.me, Flickr, Netvibes, Pinterest, IFTTT, Google Plus, HootSuite, etc… This social networking stuff can be overwhelming.

First, my professional responsibility is to training others and stay updated on what is available and coming out with educational technology. There are valuable aspects for all these, but there are a few that really have benefitted me.

  • HootSuite gave me a place where I can monitor several of my accounts at the same time.  It saves me time and effort in logging in to each one individually and gives me easy to follow windows so I can glance around and quickly see if I am interested in checking-out the posts further.
  • Twitter, WordPress and other sharing sites: I create and send out a weekly memo/newletter to my collegues to share new ideas, resources, and updates.  This allows me to see what topics are being discussed and what the trends are.  People ask me all the time how I come up with all the information to do the newletter each week.  It’s because of social media!!

PART II     Which is better Aggregation or Curation Experiences with Social Media?

Apparently, this is a “loaded” question in the social media circle and has been debated for years.

Aggregration is the creation of new resources and infromation.  Curation is the collecting, sharing, and discussing the information you find on the internet. Personally, I do a lot of curation. I think if people are finding methods, resources, etc.. that work, we should share them.


These are a few resources I found on the topics of Aggregration and Curation:





One thought on “Week 4 Aggregation vs Curation /Experiences with Social Media So Far

  1. If you’re more of a visual person, you should definitely look into Postano (http://www.postano.com/solutions/). It’s a social media aggregator that’s used to aggregate, curate and socially share. I’ve definitely found it to be my favorite after trying HooteSuite, Tweetdeck, Netvibes and Google Reader.

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