Week 3 Online Pitfalls

I have experienced connectivity overload!  I used to spend way too much time in internet based programs/games/and social media sites.  It is addictive!  I had to really separate myself from my electronic devices and allow myself and my family the attention we deserve.  Now, I workout everyday for about an hour without any device that connects me to anyone else.  I also try to set aside time for my family, so they don’t feel neglected.

When you spend too much time connected to the internet….

  • You lose productivity at work.
  • You lose time with your family.
  • You may strain relationships with loved ones and friends.
  • You may lose the ability to focus.
  • You may develop unhealthy habits (like sleeping at odd times, or not sleeping)
  • You can get caught up and not realize how many hours you spend online.
  • You are most likely not getting any/enough exercise. And your vision may suffer too.
  • You may be revealing too much information about yourself.

To avoid these problems

  • Set aside time for yourself, not connected to a device or computer.
  • Don’t check personal sites, or email at work.
  • Set aside time for your friends and family that is not interrupted by the internet or phones

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One thought on “Week 3 Online Pitfalls

  1. Amy,

    I completely understand you point about losing tack of time while on the Internet. I turned my computer on at 8:00PM, checked e-mail quickly (nothing immediately important), then planned to read classmates’ blog and respond. Before that, though, I wanted to check one more thing, and before I knew it, the time was 11:30PM. I think it comes down to self-discipline and doing work first, then allowing yourself to play, rather than vice-versa, something I’ve never really been good at accomplishing.

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