They know no other world


We began this blog speaking in some detail about how technology affects us and impacts our spiritual lives. While we’ve moved on to cover many subjects, we want to revisit the idea of technology every now and then because we are convinced there is much to discuss.

Just to be clear, technology is not evil. But we cannot be blind to the fact that it affects so many things in our lives: the way we think, the way we relate to one another, and even our conceptions of self. And like anything else, the outgrowth of this can be both positive and negative. What we need is not to react (or over-react), but to be aware of what is being done to us.

It is with this idea in mind that I offer you the following infographic I discovered on iblogo. It was originally posted on…

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3 thoughts on “They know no other world

  1. kotchjester says:

    These stats are incredible. I notice the technology changes in my students every year. These kids know more about social media than I do! I’m hoping this class catches me up!

  2. macrtblog says:

    I find these stats very interesting! My stepson really did not like reading until we bought him a kindle – now he is always on! Guess this is better than no reading at all! Must oversee what he reads however!

  3. This data reveals how we must engage our students with the use of social media and technology in teaching/learning. There are instructional and informational uses of technology and must know how and when to use technology tools. I believe the Cloud is where I am weakest and need to gain a deeper understanding of social media. Also, I am wondering does social medial allow students to authentically interact with other students to create new meanings.

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